Submitted by: Die Vorarlberger Gemeinden Hard, Kennelbach, Lauterach, Schwarzach, Wolfurt und Stadt Bregenz
Implemented country: Austria
Title: plan-b causes rethinking about sustainability, climate protection and health

plan-b is a pilot project for regional mobility management and was launched in 2004 by the communities of Hard, Kennelbach, Lauterbach, Schwarzach and Wolfurt with the support of the province of Vorarlberg (Austria). Tuned to the regional level and with the integration of numerous external partners, plan-b serves as a catalyst toward more environmentally conscious and sustainable mobility in Kindergartens and schools, companies, administration and leisure time. plan-b designs and implements traffic solutions and communicates these. Individual actions such as School Walker have saved some 3900 auto trips to school and back within each period (1 month per semester). The program holistically combines mobility with topics such as health, fitness, local food supply, and traffic safety.

Category: Fire