National Energy Globe Award Belarus (overall winner)

Submitted by: Fair Nature Foundation
Implemented country: Belarus
Title: A floating expedition from Belarus to the Netherlands promotes knowledge and awareness on sustainability

The Berezina is a charming 100 year old steamer that was upgraded to an energy ship while retaining its historic details. The former steam-driven tugboat was built in 1908 near Groningen (NL) as a witness to the Industrial Revolution. Now the Berezina is pursuing a new goal. The energy ship is motivating people to acquire new knowledge and awareness on topics related to environmentally friendly energy in shipping: energy technology, reusable energy sources, energy saving, reduction of environmental impact, etc. Various projects will address different target groups: - The energy ship - The Berezina sails the Berezina - Clean ship / clean water The submitted project encompasses a knowledge-building, awareness-promoting expedition from the Netherlands to the river Berezina in Belarus.

Category: Water