Submitted by: Center for Ecosystem Survival in partnership with the Homestead School, Glen Spey, NY
Implemented country: United States
Title: Planting the Seeds of Environmental Literacy: Growing Gourds to Save Rainforests

“Growing Gourds to Save Rainforests” is the 2005 campaign of the Homestead School students to preserve rainforests. With annual projects since 1991, the students brought the total funds up to $100,000 to save more than 2000 acres of tropical rainforest habitat through the Adopt An Acre® program of the Center for Ecosystem Survival. This year’s initiative carried out by the Homestead Kindergarten was a model of sustainable use of resources linked with direct stewardship. Fields on the school grounds were cleared to grow gourds. The students planted gourd seeds and harvested, painted and sold 600 gourd bird nest boxes to support the purchase and protection of rainforests in Costa Rica.

Category: Youth