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Submitted by: Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Implemented country: Hungary
Title: Zero Emission Center for Demonstration and Training

The aim of the renewable energy project of the REC (Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe) Conference Center is to reach the goal of zero fossil energy consumption and thus zero emissions. In order to obtain this result, REC adopted two strategies: minimization of energy demand and use of local energy resources. The two strategies are implemented by making use of the most advanced techniques and technologies and by combining them in such a way that the final result is a building that fulfils the most demanding esthetical, functional and comfort requirements combined with zero environmental impact, since its input is only solar energy. The new building is scheduled for opening to the public in late 2009 at REC’s head office in Szentendre, Hungary. It will serve the Central and Easter European region as a training and demonstration center focusing on the latest renewable energy solutions.

Category: Earth