Submitted by: Bistra Hisa, Zavod Za Maziskovaye in trejnostni razvoj Martjanci - Smart House, Justitution for rese
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Renovation of a Historic School

Smart House is a renovation of a 200-year-old school (under historic protection) in Martjanci along energy-efficient and sustainable principles. The building will serve headquarters for the local energy agency and other development promotional organizations and as dissemination and demonstration center for renewables for Slovenia’s Pomurje region and the cross-border area. Here R&D and educational programs will be provided for encouragement and promotion of sustainable (energy) development. Reconstruction includes insulation of walls with reed plates and clay rough-cast, attics of renewable material such as straw for insulation, rainwater collection, 30 m2 of solar collectors, 3.150 kWp PV power system, heat pump, heating and cooling system with heat recovery, and a mini-district heating system based on biomass boilers for meeting heating needs of the nearby kindergarten, post office, church, priest’s house and parish house.

Category: Earth