National Energy Globe Award Hungary (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Universität Kassel, WZ III
Implemented country: Hungary
Title: SOLANOVA – An energy miracle

Sustainable building and habitation means meeting human needs in harmony with nature. The project SOLANOVA, initiated and coordinated by the scientific center for environmental system research (CESR) at the University of Kassel is a cost-efficient European best-practice-example showing how this is possible. In the fall of 2005 the miracle became reality: a typical building made from prefabricated concrete slabs containing 42 flats in the Hungarian city of Dunaújváros consumed 22 liters heating oil per square meter living space before the renovation. In winter 2005/06 less than 4 liters and in winter 2006/07 2 liters were consumed for space heat – a reduction between 80 % and 90%. Now, the SOLANOVA house is the leader for energy efficient buildings in Hungary and it even might well be so as concerns similar buildings in Europe. This improvement was possible by utilizing excellent heat insulation, comparable to a passive energy-house standard, a controlled ventilation system with highly-efficient heat recovery and the installation of solar panels as the house’s canopy. This all was implemented by local companies who also have gained valuable know-how during the construction process – a key element for realizing similar projects in the future. Furthermore, the residents’ wishes and proposals were adopted into the planning. On the basis of this model project the EU is considering financial support for renovation projects on buildings made from prefabricated concrete slabs

Category: Earth