National Energy Globe Award Rwanda (overall winner)

Submitted by: Engineers Without Borders - USA Johnson Space Center Chapter
Implemented country: Rwanda
Title: Solar-powered UV system brings safe water to poor in Rwanda

More than a billion people in the world are faced with a life-threatening shortage of safe drinking water. Annually 15 million children die due to diseases transmitted by polluted water. For poor, rural, densely populated, mountainous areas of Rwanda, Engineers without Borders (USA) has developed an easily constructed water supply system. The system consists of a gravity-fed roughing filter, a rapid sand filter, and a solar-powered ultraviolet irradiation system. Thus polluted waste water can be cleansed economically. Because the system is easily constructed and maintained, it can be emulated and applied around the world. Water quantities of 20 liters per minute and 8400 liters per day are realistic benchmarks that can be achieved.

Category: Water