National Energy Globe Award Philippines (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: AID Foundation
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Energy-autonomous water transport system supplies hundreds of Filipino villagers with clean water

The water ram is a simple but forgotten system that is energy-autonomous alone through the use of kinetic energy of water. This system can elevate water to a height much greater than the feeding water. Using this technology, the AID Foundation designed a ram model adapted to the local conditions in the Philippines to make clean water available even for remote mountain villages. Preceding test series and pilot models for data acquisition enabled the development of an economical ram system that is low-maintenance and reliable and that can be employed in other regions with little modification. Within a period of ten years (1997-2007) over 100 such systems were implemented; today they provide 16,000 people with 100% emission-free and environmentally friendly drinking water and assure local farmers of better income through better irrigation.

Category: Water