Submitted by: Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Solar Roofs on German Buildings Overseas

With its program “Solar Roofs on German Schools and Buildings in Foreign Countries”, the German Energy Agency (DENA) supports the distribution of knowledge about solar techniques and supports solar manufacturers as well as system providers in opening foreign markets. At interesting markets sites, photovoltaic and solarthermic applications are installed as lighthouse projects as demonstration and reference; this serves as effective advertising on German foreign schools and other German institutes. Accompanied by measures like PR, events, training and information brokerage, the good image of those institutes is used for promoting technologies under the label “renewables made in Germany”. The realized projects demonstrate the potential of solar energy and create awareness for sustainable energy supply among the public. Therefore they improve the general conditions for renewable energy sources. By participating in this program, those companies that are willing and able to export will find a ready market through information brokerage, public relations, buildup of distribution paths, and acquisition of new costumers; they will also benefit from contact to embassies and political decision makers.

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