National Energy Globe Award Bangladesh (overall winner)

Submitted by: Local Government Engineering Department
Implemented country: Bangladesh
Title: Growth Area Electrification by Solar Photovoltaic

The main objective was to provide the rural growth areas of Ganguti in Jhenaihah District, Bangladesh, with electricity in order to enhance the quality of life, to increase productivity, and to reduce the widespread poverty. To achieve these aims, a photovoltaic plant was installed in an off-grid area, primarily to assess its technical and economic viability in rural areas and secondly to demonstrate the benefits to nearby villages. Before the implementation, the region was completely without electricity, which left the habitants in darkness. Now 45 shops, 3 food processing companies and the community center are provided with electricity, especially light, TV and radio. The lease and land value has been increased by 65%, the farmers income by 45% and the statistics for female education by 75%. The small photovoltaic plant that not only provides electricity directly, but also charges car batteries has created great enthusiasm among local villagers and will act as milestone for a green energy movement in Bangladesh.

Category: Fire