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Submitted by: Prietenii Pamantului (Earth Friends)
Implemented country: Romania
Title: Sustainable Energy Knowledge in a Suitcase

The environmental NGO Prietenii Pamantului (Earth Friends) from Galati, Romania, intends to use its own expertise and European good experiences to improve education in schools by introducing the Education for Sustainable Development concepts. The practical part of this project consists of developing a package of information, tools, materials and devices for use in education for sustainable energy/climate change. The project’s name, “Sustainable Energy Knowledge in a Suitcase”, highlights an aspect that distinguishes the project: in a very small space, it is possible to carry most of the information, tools, materials and devices for teaching a group of students about climate change challenges and how to fight this global problem through an intelligent approach of energy production and consumption. This education helps to implement the approaches “learning by doing” and “do it yourself”, both of which are beneficial for teachers, students and their families.

Category: Air