Submitted by: Solar Millenium AG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: First Parabolic Trough Power Plant

On July 20th 2006, the foundation stone for the solar thermal power plant Andasol 1 was laid in Andalusia (Spain). Europe’s first parabolic trough power plant was developed successfully by the Erlanger Solar Millennium AG. This was the European premiere of a technology that can replace fossil or nuclear driven power plants. With its collector surface of 510,000 square meters, Andasol 1 is the world’s largest solar plant. Due to its 50 MW power output and its thermal accumulators, it will produce about 179 GWh and supply about 200,000 people with electricity. The structurally identical power plants Andasol 2 and Andasol 3 will follow. Solar Millennium will realize them in cooperation partner companies. This will make Andalusia the world’s largest site for solar energy.

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