Submitted by: Kolleg für Management und Gestaltung Nachhaltiger Entwicklungs gmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Audiovisual Training for Environmental Heralds in Chile

The international Summer University in Audiovisual Communications 4 E) produces messages concerning renewable energy and energy efficiency in different multimedia-based formats (ads, filmlets, radio spots, features, radio dramas). While producing them, they take many aspects into consideration. They want to facilitate acceptance and sensitize people in favor of renewable energy – all within the cultural context of Latin America. The (professional) participants gain knowledge about the specific competences of audio-visual communication for future-oriented energy utilization and learn about dissemination of their products and about setting agendas. The Summer University is extending its presence step by step in other regions: Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Furthermore the Summer University is developing a global alumni network that corresponds with local communication agencies.

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