National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: Edgar Pichler
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Ennergy and Fuel from Waste Oil

The aim of the working group Energy & Fuel from Oil was to develop and implement a collection system for waste oil that is attractive, cheap, efficient and affordable for everyone. Therefore a special reusable storage container system (Oli) was designed. A preparation of the collective product enables the upgrading of 90% of the waste oil to biodiesel or its use in a power plant to produce electric energy. The preparation of the organic matter (solid fats, solids), totaling 10%, is converted to biogas for energy production in a heating/power station. Less than 1% of unusable foreign matters have to be disposed of as waste. The system has been proven over seven years. The system has been proven over seven years with participation in 1386 communities in Germany, Austria, Italy and Malta.

Category: Fire