Submitted by: China Central Television (CCTV)& China Program, The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Implemented country: China
Title: Protection Programme of World Natural Heritage of Three Parallel River in China

Under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Program, Green Village Credit was launched in northwestern Yunnan province (China) in September 2005. Funds for the project are provided by the United Nations Foundation and administered by The Nature Conservancy. The program aims to protect the world’s natural heritage along the famous Three Parallel River, one of the world’s most biologically diversified areas. Now it is developing into a new form of biodiversity protection, and an increasing number of villagers are turning to clean energy and benefiting from it. The Green Village Credit project is experimental in that it explores a new way of promoting sustainable energy systems in poor rural communities. It combines the loans for alternative energy systems and income generation activities to address affordability of such systems for villagers, while demonstrating the benefits of the systems and providing incentives to the villagers to adopt sustainable energy.

Category: Earth