Submitted by: Atuhaire Rodgers
Implemented country: Uganda
Title: Kyeitembe Biogas Project in Uganda

The Kyeitembe biogas project was born in January 1999 to extend help to the poor community in Uganda. The objective was to build up a biogas plant in order to provide about 500 households in a poor region with gas for cooking and lighting. Therefore the project started with 6 m³ plants that require dung from three cows a day. This succeeded due to the dedication of the involved workers. Initially it was a family project that later grew to the community level. The majority of residents were poor and seriously affected by waste problems, unemployment and loss of energy supply. The project benefits are smoke reduction in local kitchens, a firewood reduction of 50%, a decrease in deforestation, direct employment, better wastewater and solid waste management, and growing awareness of pollution problems.

Category: Fire