Submitted by: The Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, Inc. (S3IDF)
Implemented country: United States
Title: S³IDF – A Social Merchant Bank for Private Pro-Poor small scale Energy and Infrastructure Investment

S³IDF’s mission is to facilitate local, private, small-scale infrastructure – electricity, water, sanitation, communications, transport – and related investments that are needed for poverty alleviation and overall economic advancement in the developing world. As a social merchant bank, S³IDF provides integrated and ongoing business development, financial and technical support to enterprises and projects supplying such pro-poor energy services. As these investments use renewable energy, they will also produce both local and global environmental benefits; the later is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. S³IDF focuses on local micro/small/medium-sized enterprises that in turn can foster broader economic development by stimulating local financial, technology and equipment, and natural and renewable resource sectors. S³IDF has facilitated about 50 financially viable projects that provide sustainable energy services.

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