Submitted by: Dialog Com SRL
Implemented country: Romania
Title: PLAN for Limitation of Pollutant Emissions through Knowledge and Technology in Romania

PLAN is supporting the implementation of high-performance technologies for energy production and energy usage with the objective of improving environmental performance and reducing the emissions. It is planned to strengthen the clean, renewable energy sector by increasing the efficiency of costumers on the industrial and transport sectors. Effective protection against health risks due to air pollution will be strengthened at 109 Large Combustion Plants (LCP) in Romania in accordance with the Göteborg Protocol, which restricts emissions of SO2, NOx, NH3 and VOC. PLAN imposes and develops a draft law for the implementation of the White Certificate for energy saving. All in all, PLAN is a campaign for more public awareness, disseminating knowledge and imparting terms like sustainability, competitiveness, security and clean energy.

Category: Air