Submitted by: Floresteca BV
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Sustainable and Socially Aware Forest Management on a Grand Scale in Brazil

With its approximately 1000 employees and 500 square kilometers of land and nature reserves in the Brazilian state Mato Grosso, Floresteca manages the largest certified private teak plantation in the world. Active since 1994, Floresteca’s mission is the production and marketing of high-quality plantation teak wood, paying close attention to social and ecological responsibilities, in combination with solid returns on investment and under the rigid guidelines of sustainable development. Through its Charity Foundation, Floresteca initiates projects for the development of child and illiterate education and social programs in the rural communities of Mato Grosso. Floresteca Brazil is a sustainable and socially-aware forestry project, it has high-quality and efficient business operations, and its plantations contribute to reforestation, climate-friendliness, and reduction of CO2.

Category: Earth