Submitted by: Environnement Jeunesse
Implemented country: Canada
Title: Youth Involvement in Canada before Convention on Climate Change

In the month leading up to the eleventh Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change in Canada, December 2005, Environnement Jeunesse organized a number of awareness-raising activities on climate change for young people. The youngest were invited to submit drawings of activities they were undertaking in their own lives to stop climate change. These drawings were distributed to negotiators at the conference as a reminder of why we need urgent action. High school students participated in interactive workshops at their schools or visited the Climate Village close to the conference center to learn about climate change and how to stop it. Young adults from across Canada and around the world attended an international youth summit. The declaration Our Climate, Our Challenge, Our Future was developed outlining youth’s concerns and commitments. This declaration was presented to the ministerial segment of the conference. In total, over 4600 youths from 28 countries participated in the various events.

Category: Youth