Submitted by: Schmack Biogas AG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Optimizing the boigas process

Schmack Biogas AG is accelerating the optimization of biogas processes through simulation in bench-scale units. By the end of 2006 the company had built ten of these fully functional plants EUCO® Titan consisting of the two fermenters EUCO® and COCCUS®. These scale models enable the company to economically simulate the biogas process for EUCO® Titan 500 in the laboratory. Already planned and built fermenter units can be combined freely and operated with raw materials. After completion of production, test series will enable further research into the biogas process with respect to its subprocesses and dependencies. Through tests concerning operation and parameter variations as well as fermentation matters, process optimization strategies can be tested and the capability of biogas plants can be raised sustainably. The project strives to lower the costs and boost the efficiency of biogas plants, particularly with regard to biogas as an environmentally friendly, renewable energy source.

Category: Earth