Submitted by: Emilie-Heyermann-Realschule
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energy Conservation Project 50/50

In 1996 the Emilie Heyermann Secondary School (EHS) proposed to implement the 50/50 model in Bonn and since then strives to save energy by means of environmentally aware behavior and efficient energy utilization. EHS managed to decrease its power requirement from 1997 to 2004 by 45.5% on average and its gas consumption for heating by 25.5% to save about 580 tons of CO2 and €91,000. EHS is known as a multiplier regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy not only in Germany but also in Europe, since they cooperate with the Hungarian Gádor School. In 2005 the SPICE project (School Partnerships to Improve the Conservation of Energy) started in central Asia together with School #4 in Buchara (Uzbekistan). EHS supported environmentally friendly energy production by planning and installing a solar plant with a power output of 8.4 kWp; this was connected to the grid in October 2004. The smart money was obtained through the 50/50 Project.

Category: Youth