National Energy Globe Award Japan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Mori Building Co., Ltd
Implemented country: Japan
Title: Large-Aea Rooftop Gardening in Tokio City Center

Mori Building’s mission as a developer is urban development that encompasses not only development of the buildings but also creation of much green space in the city. The company has always strived to create much open space and incorporate as much greenery as possible when designing new construction sites. These activities have successfully produced a new ecosystem in the city center, as demonstrated by the re-appearance of wild birds. Ark Hills (1986) was Mori Building’s first large-scale mixed-use redevelopment project. At that time there was no example of urban planning incorporating rooftop gardening in a city center; thus Ark Hills was a pioneer in Japanese rooftop gardening. In Ark Hills, Mori provided almost every building with a rooftop garden. By creating greenery in the center of Tokyo, Mori strives to solve the heat-island problem and also to bring natural life to the city.

Category: Earth