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Submitted by: Stichting Bakens Verzet (NGO Another Way)
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Schedule for Sustainable Development of Communities in Togo

The project comprises an initial application of a model for (self-financed) sustainable, integrated development for rural and poor urban areas in less developed countries. Local people are taught through workshops. Innovative technologies will be taught to locals through workshops, including many applications of renewable energy, introduction of indirect nutrition through locally produced pro-biotic fertilizers, health care, gender issues, and much more. Within the project area, an inflation-free cooperative financial environment is created to facilitate the trade of self produced goods and tools to generate self-sustaining areas. The project presents a formal working plan that covers the integrated sustainable development of the communities of Sédomé, Gboto and Tokpli, Yoto District, Maritime Province, Togo. The project area has a population of about 90,000 people in 44 villages covering an area of 1000 km². 8000 jobs will be created at a cost of about € 9,600,000 (€ 107 per person).

Category: Fire