Submitted by: Global Nature Fund
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Post-Tsunami Mangroves Reforestation

The project centers the recreation and protection of the threatened mangrove forests in Bolgoda, Maduganga and Madampe, 3 regions in Sri Lanka that where hit by the Tsunami. Wherever mangrove forests were destroyed, new trees are planted in order to protect people from catastrophes and to create habitat for endangered species. The people are informed about the forest’s protective effect against storms and flood waves. The project is already bearing fruit, as 19 families are involved and have planted about 2000 mangrove trees. A tree nursery was founded, where another 3000 seedlings are being raised. In addition, new boats and nets are distributed to the fisher families if they join workgroups that develop the sustainable use of the land and fishing grounds. For the future they will use solar powered lights instead of the noxious kerosene lamps for night fishing.

Category: Water