Submitted by: BAAS Kläranlage
Implemented country: Austria
Title: BAAS Sewage Plant Implemented for 600 Residents of Beijing, China

The main objective of the implementation of the project Ökodorf Beijing is the treatment of wastewater for some 600 residents. The BAAS development is a semi-natural clarification system working without electricity. It treats wastewater in a way similar to the process occurring in wood soil. Once activated, the plant works autonomously and continuously all day long. This is the only sewage plant in Europe that has been tested successfully for permanent operation. Little service is required. Water quality reaches nearly the “drinking water quality 2” standard in Austria, which enables usage at least for irrigation and toilet flushing. Operational reliability, clarified water quality, semi-natural and powerless operation, low service costs and cost-efficient construction characterize the BAAS sewage plant. Because of its simplicity, the plant can be built nearly everywhere with local resources.

Category: Water