Submitted by: ISY Produktentwicklung GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: New All-In-One Building Technology for Complete Energy Autonomy

The main objective of the project is the development of a window, door and façade element that, unlike common systems, is low-prized and efficient - in other words, cost-free heating with solar energy and daylight in summer and in winter along with cost-free cooling and air-conditioning in a natural way. Further aims are continuous, fully automated and temperature-controlled ventilation as well as sound absorption, insect-protection, burglar-proofing, and light-controlled blinds and sun protection. The vision of energetically fully autonomous living has come true with the development of a manual and fully automated air control module. The control module directs fresh air, depending on the temperature, into the space between the two laminated glasses of the façade element. The fresh air is warmed photovoltaically and by the sun. Depending on temperature, the module directs the air inside or outside or even uses it for hot water production.

Category: Air