Submitted by: HTBLA Eisenstadt, Abteilung Flugtechnik
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Revolutionary Method For Surface De-Icing

The “Cycle Advanced De-Icing” system is principally responsible for de-icing in field of aviation. Ice on surfaces in the range of the leading edges, elevation and fin has to be removed for a reliable function. This technique only activates in kind of icing in order to keep the engine-performance and to save fuel. Compared with conventional methods, this innovation is more environmentally friendly by reason of less energy consumption. Actual methods overrun a multiple. The procedure starts in time of icing and is based on heater blankets beneath the conversion coating. The facing is heated to 70°C to 90°C, which melts the proximate ice and generates automatically a thin water film. Remaining ice bursts by metal expansion due to the high temperatures and flows away on the liquid layer. Meanwhile realized in a prototype this prized technology is was developed by graduates of “HTBLA” school in Austria. They have actually several concrete offers from companies to bring it to market.

Category: Youth