Submitted by: IGUR (Interessensgemeinschaft Ursprung)
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Cavitation and Energy Transformation

Franz Wagner of the IGUR interest group has developed a cavitation reactor that transforms energy from blisters that occur during cavitation. Damage occurring during cavitation demonstrates that the energy released from the blisters interacts all the way to the atomic level. This establishes a resonance with the bonding energy of iron atoms of the reactor tank. Based on a detailed study of the phenomena of cavitation, resonance and architecture, a cavitation reactor was designed that would let mechanical vibrations interact with electromagnetic waves. The recovered energy interacts with the intensity of fluid mechanics. Via the start-procedure in the start-centrifuge, dynamic fluid mechanics are induced that is excited to continuous vibration by the integrated rotating sound generator. Here the effect of the resonance is very important. This greatly increases the amplitude, which activates and maintains the fluid mechanics as well. With successful, efficient energy transformation technique, CO2 emissions would be under control.

Category: Fire