National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: active-SUNCUBE
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Alternative Low-Cost Passive Solar Houses

Active-Suncube was first enterprise concentrating exclusively on the development and realization of brick passive solar houses. They can be built competitive to normal houses because of efficient and sustainable construction on the one side and maximal promotion from the government on the other. 10 years pioneer work made it possible that production costs dropped to possible minimum and as a consequence up to 50 passive solar houses have already been realized. Current consumption values result in less than 150€ heatingcosts a year for up to 130m² housing space in Austria. This is due to the state of the art concerning comfort-air-condition, perfect heat insulation and glazing. The outwalls include bonded insulation-systems of 35cm thickness, which generate the same effect as a solar-heated tiled oven. Warm surfaces of building components trigger a comfortable climate, without the need of complex heating systems. Due to the combination of high-quality insulation material and natural bricks, warmth in winter and coolness in summer emerges. Sustainability, energy efficiency, modern techniques conjunct in ambitious design is characteristic for active-SUNCUBE.

Category: Earth