National Energy Globe Award Benin (overall winner)

Submitted by: Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)
Implemented country: Benin
Title: Benin Solar Irrigation And Electrification Project

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) will implement an innovative agricultural program that combines solar water pumping with low-cost micro-irrigation, a replicable model that will profoundly address poverty, malnutrition and energy deficiencies in the Kalalé District of Benin (west Africa). Concurrently, SELF will provide two pilot project communities with solar electricity for schools, homes, clinics, streetlights, micro-enterprise centers and wireless communications. The pilot project will serve approximately 4500 people distributed in two villages. The goal is to develop a scalable model that can be used to expand this project to 44 villages, impacting 100,000 people in Kalalé. The cost of the pilot project is $450,000, of which we have raised $150,000, including a $100,000 grant from the World Bank.

Category: Fire