National Energy Globe Award Rwanda (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Engineers Without Borders - USA Johnson Space Center Chapter
Implemented country: Rwanda
Title: Developing a new, clean world in Mugonero, Rwanda

The Mugonero Hospital complex still struggles with providing healthcare to a community rebuilding after the brutal slayings in 1994 during which 3000 people were massacred in the area. Apart from the missing power supply, harmful bacteria contaminate a large part of the available drinking water. Therefore, since 2003 the Engineers Without Borders – Johnson Space Center Chapter – have been lending their support here and to other villages by helping to reconstruct and create a livable infrastructure. In Muramba a solar power facility was installed for the local college and the water supply, through a rainwater collective tank, was completely rebuilt. The capacity was tripled and new, highly efficient filters were installed. In Mugonero measures were taken to improve the drinking water supply. Until now the water supply was provided by surface water collection. This was a major reason for the high incidence of harmful germs, because much of the rainwater was collected from willow areas. The new drinking water system collects rainwater from the roof. A simple and reliable device makes it possible, that the initial, and mostly polluted, water body will be drained away and only after this has occurred is latch opened allowing it into the collective tank. The power supply for the hospital was also secured by a photovoltaic power plant. Additionally possibilities are currently being explored to efficiently make use of the groundwater. There are also plans to build a biological gas facility in Muramba and Mugonero. The entire project is not only a major improvement of the water supply situation, it also contributes to improving the overall living circumstances and helps to secure the basic needs of the local community.

Category: Water