Submitted by: Elektronikschule Tettnang
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Environmental Protection Starts in School in Germany

The electronics school in Tettnang is governed by a strict environmental concept. It was awarded by the Department of the Environment of Baden Württemberg (Germany) as environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The school’s motto is: “Protection of the environment begins at school and must take effect worldwide.” Environmental projects include: pupils inform pupils about the environment, light measurement devices, energy efficiency and stand-by analyses, private energy consumption logging, climate data logging, traffic polls, car sharing, and integrating the topic of environmental and climate protection into everyday school life. By arranging environmental information days, energy experience days, workshops for teachers, international exchange of experience, and more, the pilot projects interact regionally, state-wide and internationally through partner schools in Poland and Indonesia. Information presentations take place on topics like saving energy while driving, and they include practical training.

Category: Youth