Submitted by: Center for integrated studies on climate change and the environment - Centro Clima Coppe UFRJ
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Biogas Recovery from Landfill for Own Use in Brazil

The main objective of the project is to recover biogas from sanitary landfills Jardim Gramacho (near Rio de Janeiro, area: 1,300,000 m²), in order to combine with biodiesel to produce electrical energy using a 200 kVA diesel cycle engine for the landfill’s own use. This energy will supply the treatment plant for the liquid wastes coming from the decomposition of garbage and other landfill facilities. The project avoids the emission of approximately 3000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. The energy generated by the project amounts to 30-70% of the total generated energy and will replace the grid electricity used in the landfill; the landfill consumes 50,000 kWh of energy a month. Biodiesel covers the remaining energy demand and comes from the COPPE production plant from used vegetable oil and animal fats acquired from the local waste market. The excess energy produced can be made available to urban facilities (public schools, day care centers, sports centers) in the neighborhood of Jardim Gramacho.

Category: Fire