Submitted by: The Energy and Resources Institute TERI
Implemented country: India
Title: Programme for Awarness on Climate Change Issues Featuring the Youth

The aim of this project was to create an informed network of youth to promote climate awareness in schools, colleges and related communities. It was implemented in two phases. Phase 1 was a pilot testing stage (2003 – 2004) to gain experience for Phase 2, the main project (2005 – 2006). Objectives were awareness building and sensitization of youth on climate issues, to establishment of links amongst educational institutes and creation of a platform to promote information sharing and exchange of practices for environment improvement. Workshops were organized and focused on both local and global issues pertaining to climate change. Extensive audio-visual aids, group discussions and talks by experts were included in the workshop structure. Climate clubs were formed in schools to guarantee the sustainability of the project. Competitions were held with activities such as essays, painting, logo design and model making. Exciting incentives were given to the participants and the winners. This project has created a model to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable development through the involvement of youth.

Category: Youth