Submitted by: Stadtgemeinde Amstetten
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Austrian City Advances Environmental Protection

The program Amstetten 2010+ consists of four aspects: renewable energy, energy efficiency and ecological construction, environment and quality of life, education and jobs. The ambitious program connects local partners and is based on development phases. It encompasses implemented projects such as biomass cogeneration plants, district heating systems, energy contracting and many more; in addition, projects such as biogas plants and large biomass-cogeneration plants are under construction. Additional projects are in the planning stage. Comprehensive information serves as an important component for achieving more environmental consciousness. The benefits for the city are clear: increased regional energy production of renewable resources, enhancement of local added value, thermal-energetic well designed buildings, one step further toward achieving the aims of Kyoto Protocol, conservation and protection of local recreation areas, and maintenance of life-quality.

Category: Youth