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Submitted by: Volkswagen AG/Shell Global Solution (Deutschland) GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Synthetic Fuels to Reduce Emissions and CO2

In addition to the most economical use of fuels, a long-range secure energy supply for individual mobility requirements demands diversification of energy sources, especially the use of alternative, renewable fuels. Here synthetic liquid fuels play a major role, as they enable the use of a multitude of diverse primary energies for generating fuel. At the same time synthetic fuels such as SynFuel and SunFuel, based on their pure quality and designability, afford huge potential for emission reduction. There are three categories of benefits: 1. direct reduction of local emission levels by using those fuels in standard engines; 2. further emission reduction by developing new combustion processes based on these fuels; 3. huge CO2 emission reduction by the use of biomass as primary energy for synthetic fuels. Synthetic fuels offer the most economical solution for the simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption, local emissions and CO2 emissions and so make a major contribution to sustainable mobility.

Category: Fire