Submitted by: Pro Source - Michael Kaltenbrunner
Implemented country: Austria
Title: New Cooling Concept for Refrigeration Vehicles

Cold tanking is based on a completely new approach that installs the ice slurry cooling transport system in refrigeration vehicles. The ice slurry is pumped into the vehicle before its trip. The vehicle’s special heat exchanger, consisting of a specially made aluminum-tube construction, is filled before a trip and drained afterwards. Every refrigeration vehicle can be fueled at the central cooling unit, which stores pre-conditioned slurry. Consequently permanent availability is possible without lead times of a vehicle’s own refrigeration. The new system makes refrigeration vehicles more flexible and incredibly environmentally friendly. Because of the substitution of the vehicle’s own refrigeration system, it is now possible to reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 100%, HFCs as refrigerants can be avoided almost entirely, and lots of fuel can be saved. The implementation of a single central cooling unit to supply multiple vehicles yields an energy-saving potential of 70%.

Category: Fire