Submitted by: Erster energieautarker Bauernhof Österreichs
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Self-Sufficient Farm in Austria as Role Model

The main objective was to show the simplicity of sustainable energy production. In the case of this farm, multiple projects led to complete self-sufficiency. The farm is completely powered by renewable energy, independent of energy imports, agricultural added value stays local and the farm is working in closed sustainable economical cycles. First investigations were made in 1993, when thermal solar collectors were installed. In 2002 power came exclusively from oekostrom AG and several windparks. Fuel for tractors, cars and machines came from their own sunflower oil production. The oil press gets its power from the photovoltaic plant, which was implemented in 2003. The sunflower fields themselves are planted by normal cultivation and fertilized from their own production. Byproducts of the fuel production can be used as forage. The last project achieved complete autonomy: the implementation of a vegetable-oil cogeneration plant for yet another power and hot-water source. As of now the farm can supply the region with excess power and has enough resources to practice climate and environmental protection.

Category: Earth