Submitted by: Jami Hossain
Implemented country: India
Title: Outreach on Wind Energy by Jami Hossain in India

Through his analyses, reports, papers, publications, magazines, journalism, websites and books, Jami Hossain over the last 20 years has contributed significantly to raising awareness about wind energy issues among diverse stakeholders and in assisting policy makers to create an enabling policy framework for investments in wind energy. Hossain’s ability to skillfully and effectively convey the message and analysis of underlying processes has contributed immensely in expanding the wind energy market in India. His research work on grid integration of renewables has generated heated debate and more research on the issues concerned. His assessment of the potential for windfarms in India remains the official figure of the potential. Most of the work carried out by Hossain are based on his own initiatives and are not funded by external agencies.

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