National Energy Globe Award Uzbekistan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Artur Vakhitov
Implemented country: Uzbekistan
Title: Environmental School Manual to Strengthen Consciousness of Teachers and Pupils in Uzbekistan

The main objective of the educational manual is to effectively teach young people to understand their role in the world and the link between their use of natural resources and the subsequent impact on the environment. The program has been developed for environmental education at schools for pupils 7 to 10 years. A schoolbook for teachers that discusses the objectives has been edited in Uzbekistan and prepared for Central Asia. The overall purpose has been achieved by teacher seminars for pupil-centered education methods, enhancement of environmental consciousness of teachers and pupils in conjunction with the sustainable progress, and providing educational resources to schools that stimulate pupils to learn and understand. The next step will be the spreading of a suitable education model to all Asian countries.

Category: Youth