Submitted by: Thermax Limited
Implemented country: India
Title: Multi-Fuel Boiler Configuration Solves Industrial Waste and Energy Problems for Nestle India

Nestle India approached Thermax in 1994 to explore the possibility of burning Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) containing 80-85% moisture and Spent Tea Ground (STG) containing about 70% moisture in a specially designed boiler for its steam requirements in the factory. The factory was burning these wastes in a conventional spreader stoker boiler after reducing the moisture content substantially by drying the wastes. The major problem was caused by the high 85% moisture. After several trials and studies, coal and coconut shells proved to be ideal stabilizing fuel for the wastes. Thermax selected the Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustor system as the most appropriate technology to handle the high moisture waste. After a period of 12 weeks, satisfactory levels of performance could be reached and the plant was implemented, which solved the spiraling energy costs and the mounting stockpiles of industrial waste.

Category: Fire