Submitted by: FST Energy
Implemented country: United States
Title: Portable Hydrogen Cassette for Easy Usage and Transportation

FST is the first company to introduce a standardized platform that links hydrogen-powered applications to the existing hydrogen supply infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective manner. FST’s patented Fuel Cassette system overcomes the challenge of moving and storing hydrogen because the system is portable and practical and uses existing infrastructure. Fuel Cassettes deliver 300% more hydrogen than pressurized cylinders. FST will sell its system to back-up power manufactures who utilize PEM fuel cells. The company focuses specifically on back-up power for telecommunications and mission-critical IT applications because existing markets now use fuel cell solutions, yet are hindered by the inefficiencies of moving and storing the hydrogen that powers the fuel cell. Currently 150 pounds of pressurized cylinders are co-located with equipment, representing a significant challenge in maintenance and replenishment as much of this equipment resides on hilltops and other remote locations.

Category: Fire