National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: IG Windkraft
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Early Education at School on Renewable Energy

The main effort of this project for children is invested in school workshops. In a two-hour workshop in the 4th level of elementary school, pupils learn and experience about renewable energy. Especially wind energy is explained for children at their level in a a playful, emotional and experimental way to increase their motivation on the topic. Since November 2002, 690 workshops for 15,400 children have been held in four provinces of Austria. The project has developed several means of informing kids. The output consists of a manual for teachers, a video and a newspaper for children. In 2005 the implementation of the Wild Wind Website was completed. Furthermore there is the possibility to become a child member of IG Windkraft (Wind Energy Association) and to receive the newspaper with information, games and tutorials for handicrafts on the topic of energy and wind. Finally, wind parties are held for kids, where renewable energy is the central topic.

Category: Youth