Submitted by: Applied Technologies Company Ltd
Implemented country: Russian Federation
Title: Multi-Modular Power Plants Produce Energy from Ocean Waves

The project is aimed at the development of an offshore Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS) as an installation for ocean wave energy conversion to electricity; furthermore it is aimed at the development of an installation for electrolytic production of hydrogen and by-products from seawater. The two combine to enable a sustainable power supply, the third aim, which would facilitate the environmental rehabilitation and not contribute to global warming. The complex is based on the use of wave and aqueous resources of the ocean. The FWEPS single module is an oblong, axially symmetrical capsule swimming vertically on the sea surface. Inside is a mechanical wave energy converter. Waves engage an electric generator and keep it in a continuous motion. Depending on the mission, a multi-modular plant can produce dozens of MW without harming the environment.

Category: Fire