Submitted by: Heindl Server GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Internet Portal for Solar Energy

For years the Solarserver has been the favorite German internet portal for solar energy. As an interface for research, industry and users, the site imparts sophisticated techniques and basic knowledge for beginners. Product presentations and research reports call attention to new developments regarding architecture, solar warmth and solar electricity techniques. Solar reports and news inform about the market situation and follow political discussions concerning energy. The project’s objective is to enhance the offer of English-language information for costumers and publications in other EU languages. This could catalyze additional demand within the EU and intensify the utilization of techniques using renewable energy sources. Target groups are building owners, homeowners, architects, planners and energy consultants, as well as heating, sanitary and climate industry and dealers specialized in heating and roofs. The intense use of the Solarserver confirms the steadily increasing demand for specialized information about the solar sector.

Category: Fire