National Energy Globe Award France (overall winner)

Submitted by: Aprochim S.A.
Implemented country: France
Title: New PCB Deontamination Process in France

Aprochim is specialized in decontamination of electric equipment soiled with PCBs, usually pyralen and askarel. The sale of PCBs was forbidden in 1987, as their density and stability was inducing some bio-accumulative characteristics that are dangerous for human. Until 2006 Aprochim used a solvent for gas phase decontamination, as many did other companies. As a result of many disadvantages of this process, in a framework of a triple quality certification obtained in 2003, Aprochim conducted research and development from 2003 to 2005 in order to develop a new process. Aimed at improvements in environmental and economical performance as well as working conditions of operators, a system of desorption through high vacuum was implemented. It reduces substantially the production of volatile organic compounds and improves the working conditions and atmosphere for operators.

Category: Air