Submitted by: Ecological Building Systems
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Effective Diffusion Resistance with pro clima Airtight System

Structures that are made airtight using vapor barriers have a much lower potential freedom from structural damage due to trapped moisture in the construction than does the pro clima Airtight System. Unlike conventional vapor barriers, the pro clima Airtight System, featuring pro clima Intello Plus, possesses the world’s best and most effective variable diffusion resistance under any climatic condition. This system uniquely utilizes intelligent diffusion open vapor checks in conjunction with high-quality tapes, adhesives and accessories that provide a complete airtight solution while offering a previously unachieved degree of protection from structural damage caused by excessive moisture trapped within building elements. Pro clima provides a range of non-toxic specialist tapes, adhesives, intelligent membranes and service grummets for every conceivable construction junction, ensuring that a building will be airtight, energy-efficient and healthy.

Category: Air