National Energy Globe Award Ireland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ecological Building Systems
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Hemp as Raw Material for Insulation

Thermo Hemp is made from hemp, the world’s oldest cultivated plant. It is a natural insulation product available in roll and matt form and in a range of thicknesses from 30 mm to 180 mm. It is completely biodegradable and 100% pollutant free. As hemp grows it helps restrict environmental pollution as it decomposes CO2. Hemp is one of the highest yielding and least intensive crops to cultivate. The raw material is grown by local farmers and processing it requires minimal energy input. Because it is completely free of pollutant additives, there is no harm to health either in production or installation of the end product. Disposal of the product is no problem as the materials are 100% recyclable. Thermo Hemp is the first natural insulation product in Europe to receive the Nature plus Quality Seal.

Category: Earth