National Energy Globe Award Sudan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Photovoltaic Project
Implemented country: Sudan
Title: Removing Barriers for Photovoltaic Market in Sudan

The project strives to remove barriers for photovoltaic market penetration in semi-urban Sudan. It aims at meeting the suppressed and growing demand for electric energy through reliable, win/win domestic photovoltaic systems as substitutes for fossil-based generating units. Sudan has an enormous potential in solar energy resources throughout the year with average solar radiation of 6 kWh/day. However, very little of this has been harnessed although over 80% of the country’s population has no access to electricity. This project aims at helping the country to remove barriers such as know-how, technology, policy issues, market infrastructure, and financing modalities in order to enable commercial use of photovoltaics for power generation from abundant solar energy. The project has addressed these issues with assistance from UNDP/GFF in the period December 2000 to July 2006 and achieved a number of successes to pave the way for the government to continue improving what has been achieved.

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